Macalester Internship Requirements

You and your faculty sponsor should work together to plan all aspects of your internship and complete the Learning Contract. You may wish to produce a rough draft of your Learning Contract first to review and discuss with your faculty sponsor and site supervisor before producing the final version. Throughout the development of your Learning Contract, be careful, thorough, and specific.

1) Get a position/job description from your site supervisor that describes your role and responsibilities as an intern.
2) Develop several learning objectives with your Faculty Sponsor. Refer to the internship position/job description to see what you will be doing, and then determine what you hope to learn from the overall experience of the internship, especially as it pertains to your studies and discipline.
3) List at least one strategy for each learning objective – specific actions you propose to take to achieve the corresponding learning objective. One great option is to do informational interviews with key individuals in your organization or the field in which you are working.
4) List learning outcomes for your experience that will help assess your learning and attainment of the learning objectives. Learning outcomes may include such options as journaling and a reflection paper, a research paper, an essay, a poster presentation, a public presentation/performance of a project from the internship, etc. Expectations for learning outcomes should correspond to the number of credits earned (i.e. more should be expected for a 4-credit than a 2-credit internship.)
5) Process your experience through regular reflective journaling and communications with your faculty sponsor throughout the internship.

Fall and Spring Terms: the last day of the Add/Drop period for the semester you plan to do your internship
January Term: the final day of the Fall Term registration period
Summer Term: the end of Spring Term (please see Internship Office for exact date)

Required Paperwork:
1) Completed and signed Learning Contract
2) Internship position description from your internship site. If there is none, you must create one summarizing your duties
3) Add/drop slip (Fall/Spring terms) or January/Summer Registration form
Summer Only:
Parent Waiver form
Student Accounts will have to sign the Summer Registration form stating that your account is clear.

Hours Requirements by Registered Credit:
The corresponding internship course registration number is noted in parentheses. The number of hours per week required depends on when you start your internship. Fall, Spring, Summer Internships must last a minimum of ten-weeks and January Internships must last three weeks. You will be expected to track and submit your hours to demonstrate compliance.
Fall/Spring/Summer term:
4 credits (Internship 624) = a minimum of 140 hours per semester, or 10-12 hours/week
3 credits (Internship 623) = a minimum of 105 hours per semester, or 8-9 hours/week
2 credits (Internship 622) = a minimum of 75 hours per semester, or 5-7 hours/week
1 credit (Internship 621) = a minimum of 45 hours per semester, or 3-4 hours/week

January term:
2 credits (Internship 622) = 100 hours or 40 hours/week 
1 credit (Internship 621) = 50 hours or 20 hours/week