To be completed by site supervisor responsible for oversight of this student intern. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a progress report for the faculty sponsor on the intern's work and attitude in your organization, and as a formal opportunity to give the student important feedback he/she may benefit from for the balance of the term. Your support and interest in sponsoring Macalester interns is appreciated.

Date Due: Friday, October 20

Internship Conducted:
Student Name:
Internship Site/Organization:
Site Supervisor:
Supervisor Email:
Faculty Sponsor:

Briefly describe the student's progress to date toward meeting Learning Contract goals.

Suggestions for the remainder of the semester (areas of improvement, intern's strength, etc.):

Please rate the categories below.

1: Unsatisfactory; 2: Improvement Needed; 3: Satisfactory; 4: Above Average; 5: Excellent
NA: Not applicable

Quality of Work
Quantity of Work
Oral Expression
Written Expression
Problem-Solving Ability
Academic Preparation
Work Attitudes
Ability to Use Resources
Completion of Assignments
Acceptance of Responsibility
Acceptance of Criticism
Ability to Take Direction
Relationships with Others
Progress toward Learning Goals
OVERALL RATING (Consider all attributes)

Date student began internship:
Hours worked per week:
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