Academic Research by Staff

FIRST: Submit an IRB application to the campus Institutional Review Board.

THEN: Submit the following items to the Chair of the SCC (Adam Johnson,

  • Your approved IRB application. If you are under time constraints, you may submit an IRB application that is not yet approved, but the SCC will need to have your approved IRB application prior to SCC’s final approval of your project.
  • An Application Checklist.
  • If conducting research with persons from off‐campus: an Off‐Campus Collaborators Form. A Macalester staff or faculty member must be the primary researcher or coordinator for projects conducted with persons from off‐campus.


  • If you are going through Macalester’s IRB, you do NOT need to submit the SCC’s separate Application to Conduct a Survey. The items indicated above should suffice. However, please be sure that your IRB application addresses the information in the SCC’s Application to Conduct a Survey in order to avoid SCC requests for additional information.
  • The Survey Coordination Committee needs time to meet and communicate back to you. Please submit all materials at least two weeks prior to the intended launch of your survey. They may ask for additional information, so be prepared for that and the additional time you may need.
  • The Survey Coordination Committee’s decision constitutes the final approval for staff projects, assuming IRB approval has been obtained.

For the purposes of Macalester’s survey policy, some projects are exempt from SCC approval.