Non-Academic Research Projects by Staff

Submit the following items to the Chair of the SCC (Adam Johnson,

Important Notes:

  • The Survey Coordination Committee needs time to meet and communicate back to you. Please submit all materials at least two weeks prior to the intended launch of your survey. They may ask for additional information, so be prepared for that and the additional time you may need.
  • If your survey covers sensitive topics that present some risk to the survey participants, your survey may be subject to more extensive review, including input from Macalester’s IRB. Sensitive topics are ones that may cause harm to the respondents (e.g., stress as a result of questions about sexual assault) or may ask about activities that could compromise the privacy of subjects (e.g., sexual behavior or illegal acts), for example.
  • You will need to gain approval from the IRB you plan to present the results of your research through professional meetings or publications.

For the purposes of Macalester’s survey policy, some projects are exempt from SCC approval.