To gain approval from the Survey Coordination Committee, you must first identify which type of project you plan to conduct and then follow the appropriate link below:

  • Academic Research
    • Research that is designed to develop or contribute to a generalizable body of academic knowledge. This includes most faculty‐mentored student research projects.
  • Non-Academic Research, including
    • Assessment of student learning projects, which are designed to gather data on student learning outcomes and goals.
    • Applied research, which is usually directed toward problem‐solving or opinion gathering for the purpose of decision‐making or policy creation. For example, a faculty committee may want to explore faculty attitudes toward policies regarding non‐tenure track faculty.
    • Evaluation research, which usually examines the success or merit of a program. For example the Career Development Center may want to know how well shadowing programs meet their goals.

Submit all proposals via email to the SCC Chair, Adam Johnson:

Faculty Projects

Staff Projects

Student Projects

Off-Campus Researchers

  • Research conducted by off-campus researchers must be done in collaboration with a Macalester staff or faculty member, who must serve as a primary researcher on the project. An application can be found here.