Information Technology Services: Vision Statement

We take responsibility for all aspects of IT support and service delivery at Macalester College. We strive to be simultaneously ubiquitous and transparent: ubiquitous in fostering connections between our community and enabling technologies, yet transparent by dedicating our efforts toward advancing the College’s mission. Because we value information technologies as critical tools for empowering academic excellence, rather than as ends in themselves, we adopt only those technologies that promise to augment our support for institutional priorities.


We are intentionally proactive rather than reactive. We take carefully-planned actions to fulfill the College’s mission, instead of reacting to individual situations as they arise. We are thoughtful, ensuring that all members of our community are treated respectfully and consistently. By being proactive rather than ‘making it up as we go along,’ we are effective by raising the quality of our services.


We are inclusive, involving our community members in departmental and service planning processes. We strive for collaboration and consensus in our decision-making. We work to earn the trust of those we serve by being reliable and dependable, because we care deeply about the College and its mission. We will be judged on these points not solely on our individual dedication and service orientation, which are all strong, but on the reliability of the systems we manage and the dependability of the services we offer.


We recognize that Macalester’s distinctiveness proceeds from academic excellence, internationalism and civic engagement. We strive to enable this institutional distinction rather than seeking to distinguish our department itself. ITS forms part of the foundation supporting Macalester’s distinctive scholarship, teaching and research. Our service offerings will be cogent, closely tied to the institution’s strategic mission. We will select tools, offer services, and create policies based on how effectively they serve this mission, not on the thrill of new technologies, our own convenience, or the chance to save small sums of money (at the expense of critical objectives).


Our services are appropriate to the College’s mission and priorities. We are clear, even transparent: the rationale behind all of the services we offer must be thoughtful, relevant and expressed coherently. People should not have to guess what we can do to support their work, how to get our help, what our policies may be, etc. Our communications should be thoughtful and proactive. We must listen carefully, both fostering and gathering useful feedback.