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List of ITS supported accounts and services with description and links to reference guides.
account/serviceDescription/Reference Guide
Macalester's portal, 1600grand, is the gateway to many Macalester resources, such as applying for housing, registering for classes, reviewing your vacation balance, or today's Café Mac menu.
Argos Web Viewer 
Argos is the main Macalester reporting tool. The Argos Web Viewer is accessible on any web browser. Argos Information
Argos is the main Macalester reporting tool. The Argos client is only available on Windows machines. Argos Information
Banner is the Macalester Enterprise Resource Planning software from Ellucian. It supports these business operations: Student Information, Financial Management, Financial Aid, Employment Services.
dotCMS is a Web-based content management system that makes it easy for website contributors to add and edit content. dotCMS Information
Citrix is an application that allows remote access to Web applications and software programs. Citrix also enables Mac OX users to access Windows based software. Citrix Information
Google Apps  
Macalester uses Google Apps to provide the community with email, calendaring, and file collaboration. Members of the community are provided an account as part of their login credentials. Google Apps Information
Google Apps Extras
Blogger, Google+, Maps, News, Picasa Web Albums, and Reader are available to the Macalester community. Google Apps Extras Information
Mailman (listserv) is a web-based software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter mailing lists. Mailman Information
Faculty use Moodle, the College’s Learning Management System (LMS), to create online learning communities that support teaching and learning. Moodle Information
Moodle Groups 
Moodle Groups is a space in which faculty, staff, and student groups, such as committees and clubs, can collaborate.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used to synchronize your username and password to multiple accounts (e.g., Google Apps, Moodle, Active Directory, 1600grand). How to create a strong password 
Poster Printing
Poster Printing Information has everything you need to know from downloading a template to designing a poster, whether you are attending a conference or hosting a poster session on campus.
Print Services Printing is available to in public computer labs for students at no cost. Additional print services are available. Print Services Information
Shared Drives Each department has a department folder under admin or academic (G drive). Each member of the community has a personal folder (H drive) on the Macalester shared drives. Shared Drives Information
 Technology Checklist 
Technology Checklists 
Each technology checklist will students, faculty and staff make the most out of the Macalester's technology resources.
Voice Services Voice services include college landlines, voice mail, voice conferencing, and call centers. Voice Services Information