Links & Reference Guides

1600grand | Macalester’s portal, 1600grand, is the gateway to many Macalester resources, such as applying for housing, registering for classes, reviewing your vacation balance, or today’s Café Mac menu.

Argos | Argos is the main Macalester reporting tool. The Argos Web Viewer is accessible on any web browser.  Argos Information

Banner | Banner is the Macalester Enterprise Resource Planning software from Ellucian. It supports these business operations: Student Information, Financial Management, Financial Aid, Employment Services.

Citrix  |  Citrix is an application that allows remote access to Web applications and software programs. Citrix also enables Mac OX users to access Windows based software. | Citrix Information

Duo  | Duo’s two factor strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify your identity. Something you know, plus something you have.

G Suite | Macalester uses G Suite to provide the community with email, calendaring, and file collaboration. Members of the community are provided an account as part of their login credentials. |  G Suite Information

Mailman Listserv | Mailman (listserv) is a web-based software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter mailing lists. | Mailman Information

Moodle | Faculty use Moodle, the College’s Learning Management System (LMS), to create online learning communities that support teaching and learning. | Moodle Information

Moodle Groups | Moodle Groups is a space in which faculty, staff, and student groups, such as committees and clubs, can collaborate.

Password Reset | Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is used to synchronize your username and password to multiple accounts, including Google Apps, Moodle, Active Directory, 1600grand. How to create a strong password

Poster Printing

Downloading a poster template, design guidelines, and instructions on how to get a poster printed for scholarship and learning. | Poster Printing Information

Print Services

Printing is available to in public computer labs for students at no cost. Additional print services are available. | Print Services Information

Shared/Network Drives

Each department has a department folder under admin or academic (G drive). Each member of the community has a personal folder (H drive) on the Macalester shared drives. | Shared Drives Information

Technology Checklists

Each technology checklist will students, faculty and staff make the most out of the Macalester’s technology resources. | Student Techlist | Graduate/Senior Techlist | New Faculty Techlist | Departing Faculty Techlist | New Employee Techlist | Exiting Employee Techlist

Voice Services

Voice services include college landlines, voice mail and voice conferencing. | Voice Services Information

WordPress | WordPress is a web-based content management system that makes it easy for website contributors to add and edit content. | WordPress: Web content editor training manual (gdoc)