Technology Checklist for Departing Faculty

✓ Find out when your Macalester accounts will be closed

Macalester accounts, including Google Apps, 1600grand and Moodle, will be closed as of the last day of employment. For nontenure faculty, this usually means the final date stated on your contract. Departing faculty should contact Lynn Hertz, Assistant Provost, with any questions about your departure date. If any of your email, Macalester Google Apps data or shared-drive files need to be shared, make sure to do so before the accounts are closed. Contact your AIA with any technology-related questions. | AIA contact info |


✓ Transfer the ownership of Google Drive files to another Macalester account

Before changing the owner of Google Drive files to another Macalester account, be sure to archive or copy any documents you want to keep. Google Drive files will be deleted when your account is deleted.
transfer Google Docs ownership | share a non-Macalester Gmail account as doc owner |

✓ Move personal files from H drive

Copy any personal files from the your H Drive to a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Any files left in your H Drive will be deleted when your account is closed. Drives should automatically be detected and then appear for Windows users. Use the Finder to connect to H Drive with Mac OS.
shared drives information |

✓ Move personal files from College-owned laptop

Copy any personal files from you College-owned laptop to a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Any files left on the laptop will be deleted.
AIA contact info | |

✓ Return College-owned laptop and other equipment

Departing faculty should work with their AIA or the ITS Help Desk to arrange for the return of any College-owned equipment.
AIA contact info | |

✓ Forward your email to another account

Email will be forwarded until your account is closed. Existing email will not be forwarded.
forwarding email instructions |

✓ Copy and transfer your Mail and Google Drive files to another Google Account

Before you attempt to copy and transfer your mail and the contents of your Google Drive (My Drive), compare the Drive storage of your Macalester account with the available storage of you account to make sure there’s enough space. The contents of mail and My Drive will be copied and transferred. Alternately, you may create and download an archive with a copy of your data from Google products.
Check your Drive storage amount | transfer your email and Google Drive files | create archive | Google Support: Download your data |

✓ Take your contacts, too!

Export your contacts to Google CSV format for importing into a another email account.
export contacts | import contacts | Google Takeout |

✓ Share Google Sites ownership with another account

Share the ownership of your Google Sites with another Google account–it doesn’t have to be a Macalester account–otherwise the Site will be deleted when your account is deleted.
Share your site with other people |

✓ Transfer ownership of Google Blog

The short answer is that you can do this by making the blog in question a team blog, with two members, then removing the original team member.
move a blog between accounts |

✓ Take an archive of Google+ stream, Maps, YouTube, and more

Create an archive with your data from Google products including Google+ Stream, Maps, YouTube and more.
Google Takeout|

✓ Download any Moodle files you want to keep

Download individual Moodle files and contact your AIA if you would like to archive copies of your Moodle sites. | Moodle information | AIA contact info |

✓ Delete voicemail messages

Your voicemail account will be deleted one day after your departure, so be sure to review and delete any existing voicemail messages.
delete voicemail messages |