For Employee

Employees have access to their Macalester account (1600grand, Google, Moodle) until their last work day. If any of your data needs to be shared, make sure to do so by your last work day.

Talk to your supervisor

  • Schedule a time and place to return your computer, printer or other hardware.
  • Decide what an email auto-reply for your account should say.
  • Discuss if there are materials you are leaving behind that should be saved in the college archive.

Make sure your colleagues can access your data after your account is deleted

✓ Transfer Google files to a Google Shared drive

Google docs owned by you will be deleted when your account is deleted. The best way to make sure it continues to exist after you leave is to move it to a Google Shared drive. Be sure to give at least 2 other people the Manager access level so they can add or remove people to or from the shared drive. Alternatively, you may Make someone else the owner of your file.

✓ Transfer ownership of Google calendars you’ve created

If you own a shared calendar, and your Google account is deleted, your calendar will also be deleted. To save the calendar, transfer ownership to someone else. Transfer a calendar you created.

✓ Transfer the ownership of Google calendar recurring meetings to another Macalester account

Any Google calendar events organized by you will remain after your account is deleted. Think about those recurring meetings you’ve scheduled with a team of people that will continue to meet—or not—after your departure. Transfer the ownership to another account. You can even transfer ownership to any other Macalester account, even when they are not invited to the event. Transfer Google calendar event ownership guide

✓ Transfer Google Sites ownership with another Macalester account

Change the owner of any Google Site. Change the new Google Site owner.

✓ Share Classic Google Sites ownership with another account

Share the ownership of your Google Sites with another Google account—it doesn’t have to be a Macalester account—otherwise the Site will be deleted when your account is deleted. Change the Classic Google Site owner

✓ Move a Google Blog to a new owner

The short answer is that you can do this by making the blog in question a team blog, with two members, then removing the original team member. Move a blog to a new owner.

✓ Copy Zoom cloud recordings to Google Shared drive (optional)

Your Zoom account will be deleted and any recording you have saved in the cloud.

✓ Review voicemail messages

Your voicemail account will be deleted one day after your departure, so be sure to review any existing voicemail messages and let your supervisor know if any action needs to be taken by the department.

Take your personal data with you

✓ Copy & transfer your email and Google Drive files to your personal Google Account

Do you have personal email and personal files stored in Macalester’s Google Drive you want to take with you? Use Google’s Transfer your data tool to transfer your email and files located in My Drive to a commercial Gmail account. Verify your Gmail account has enough storage to copy & transfer your Macalester email and docs before starting the copy and transfer. Alternately, you may create and download an archive of your Google products data. Checkout the Guide to transfer your data or use Google Takeout to download an archive.

✓ Take your contacts, too!

Export your contacts to Google CSV format for importing into another email account. Follow Google Support’s instructions to export your contacts from your Macalester account and then import your contacts to another Gmail account.

✓ Move any personal files away from H Drive

Copy any personal files from your H Drive to another medium, including a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Any files left in your H Drive will be deleted. 

Who knows your Macalester email address?

✓  Unlink sites or apps you’ve linked with Google

Have you used your Macalester account to link to third-party services, like social media, music streaming, and online shopping? Learn how to manage third-party sites or apps you’ve linked with Google. view connected accounts and linked accounts.

✓  Update any account with as a username

Have you signed up for Amazon, Apple, AT&T, or other service using your email address as the account login? You’ll want to edit those accounts ASAP.

For Supervisor

✓ Prepare for employee’s account closing and deletion

Prepare for employee’s Macalester accounts closing, usually their last work day entered in Banner. All requests for accessing the exiting employee’s data should be directed to Employment Services at

✓ Confirm Google docs have been moved to a Shared drive and that your account is given the Manager access level

Moving Google docs to a Shared drive is the best way to ensure that your exiting employee’s data will exist after they depart. As the supervisor, your account should have the Manager access level so you can add or remove people to or from the shared drive. 

✓ Export/Import Shared Google calendars’ Events

You may grant another user access to edit and make changes to a calendar, but once an employee’s  account is deleted, the calendar will also be deleted. If the calendar events were exported, you can import them. Otherwise, they events will need to be recreated.

✓ Reset password of departmental email accounts

If the exiting employee knows the passwords to departmental or shared accounts, a password reset is recommended. Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance with resetting departmental accounts.

✓ Decide what will happen with the computer and its data left behind by the exiting employee

Exiting employee’s computer data can be saved, stored, or shared; otherwise all data will be deleted when the computer is reimaged and made ready for the next employee.

✓ Share relevant materials with the college archive

Is the exiting employee leaving behind materials that should be saved in the college archive? Contact the college archivist at for advice on what should be considered for college archive.