To make a smooth transition from student to Macalester alum, review the information about the lifespan of your Macalester accounts, including email, docs, stored files, Moodle, 1600grand, and other accounts.

Keep your eye on the account expiration deadline

Keep the data you’ve accumulated as a student

You’ve got over a year to migrate the data you’ve accumulated as a student. Your Macalester accounts, including email, Google Drive, 1600grand, and Moodle will be disabled on October 1 one year after May graduation. Copy and transfer email and Google docs before the deadline. If you want to leave behind any Google docs you own so other collaborators can continue to access them, you must change ownership to another Macalester account before the deadline. Once your Macalester account is deleted, your Google Drive files can not be recovered.

  • Class of 2021 (December 2020 & May 2021 Grads): Deadline is October 1, 2022
  • Class of 2022 (December 2021 &  May 2022 Grads): Deadline is October 1, 2023

Extended Macalester Accounts

✓ Know what you can do with your Macalester account

  • Download tax documents from
  • Access email: read and reply to messages, set up a forwarding address, copy & transfer messages to another account, use Google Takeout to create an archive.
  • Access Google Drive: Change ownership, make a copy, transfer to another Gmail account.
  • Access to Moodle Archive to download assignments.
  • Use your MacPass to access campus buildings:
    • Class of 2021: Access expired at the end of summer 2021, due to Module 5.
    • Class of 2022: Access expires 10 days after December or May graduation.

Forgot your password?

✓  Reset your forgotten password

  1. Go to
  2. Click Forgot Password.
  3. Enter Username.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Select a verification option: Send me an email or Send me an SMS.
  6. Follow the prompts for your OTP (one-time password) enabling you to reset your password.

Email & Google Drive Checklist

✓ Use an existing Gmail account or create one.

Create your Google Account or Sign in – Google Account.

✓ Copy & transfer your email and Google Drive files 

Sign out of all Google accounts, then sign into just your Macalester account, before you use Google’s Copy & Transfer tool to copy and transfer your mail and files located in My Drive to a Gmail account. When your Gmail account does not have enough storage to copy & transfer your Macalester email and docs before starting the copy and transfer, you will be given the opportunity to buy more storage. Alternately, you may create and download an archive of your Google products data. Form more information, checkout the Google Account: Transfer your data guide.

✓ Download archive with Google Takeout

Use Google Takeout to select data to include in your download archive, customize your archive format and delivery method, Google will email you a link where you can get your Google data archive. How to download your Google data

✓ Enable vacation responder

Set up a vacation responder to automatically notify people that your Macalester account will be closing soon, be sure to include an alternate email address. When people send you a message, they’ll receive an email response containing what you’ve written in your auto reply. Here’s how to set up an out of office or vacation reply. 

✓ Set up email signature

An email signature is automatically added at the end of email messages as a footer. Add your alternative email address to your Macalester account’s signature to let people know you have an alternative email address. You can even create and use multiple signatures. Learn how to create a Gmail signature and manage multiple signatures. 

✓ Forward your email

Email will be forwarded until your account is closed. Existing email will not be forwarded. Learn how to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

✓ Are you sure you want to send a message to all of your contacts?

Sending to many email addresses could result in your account getting locked by Google when you send to more than 2,000 contacts in a message, or more than 3,000 unique contacts per day. If you choose to send to all of the contacts in your Macalester account, keep in mind the message will be sent all of your contacts, even generic accounts you contacted through out your time at Mac. If you send a message to the ITS Help Desk, a ticket will be automatically generated. Still think it’s a good idea? Then follow Email: Send an email to all My Contacts.

Google Drive Collaborators

✓ Change the owner of Google docs to current collaborators

Have you collaborated with others at Macalester—including student employment and research opportunities—and own Google docs that should remain after your account is deleted? If so, you should transfer the ownership to a departmental account to make sure it continues to exist after you leave. 

✓ Change ownership of shared Google Drive folders and files

You must change the owner of each individual Google Drive file, not just the folder. Changing the ownership of a folder does not change the ownership of the files stored within. Before changing the owner of Google Drive documents to another Macalester account, be sure to copy and transfer any documents you want to keep. You can only transfer ownership of files to people who have a Macalester account. Learn how to make someone else the owner of your file and share folders in Google Drive

More Google Things to Check

✓  Unlink sites or apps you’ve linked with Google

Have you used your Macalester account to link to third-party services, like social media, music streaming, and online shopping? Learn how to manage third-party sites or apps you’ve linked with Google. view connected accounts and linked accounts.

✓  Update any account with as a username

Have you signed up for Amazon, Apple, AT&T, or other service using your email address as the account login? You’ll want to edit those accounts ASAP.

✓  Update your email subscriptions

What to make sure you don’t miss any updates from your favorite email subscriptions? We’re not talking about the Mac Daily or Student announce. Your account will automatically be unsubscribed from all Macalester email Google Groups a few weeks after graduation. Here’s a quick way to locate all of your email subscriptions: In your email inbox, search for the word “unsubscribe” and a list of messages should appear.  

✓ Take your contacts, too!

Export your contacts to Google CSV format for importing into a another email account. Learn how to export contacts and import contacts or create an archive with Google Takeout.

✓ Change the owner of Google Sites

Make any existing editor the owner the Google Site, only Macalester accounts can be an owner, otherwise the Site will be deleted when your account is deleted. Learn how to share your site with other people.

✓ Transfer ownership of blog

The short answer is that you can do this by making the blog in question a team blog, with two members, then removing the original team member. Learn how to move a blog between accounts.

✓ Take an archive of Maps, YouTube, and more

Create an archive with your data from Google products including Google+ Stream, Maps, YouTube and more. Create an archive with Google Takeout

Coursework Checklist

✓ Download assignments from Moodle

Download any Moodle assignments you want to keep before your Moodle account closes. Moodle Information has the current Moodle instances and the prior 5 years.

✓ Save your VoiceThreads

Contact the ITS Help Desk at and request to have your email address associated with your VoiceThread account changed to a personal one. All of your VoiceThreads will be saved in this new account. You can also download the VoiceThreads you created by exporting them as mp4 files. Go to each VT and select Share > Export.

✓ Migrate websites hosted by Macalester

Your website can be migrated to another host. For assistance, contact the Digital Resource Center at

✓ Move personal files away from H drive

Copy personal files from the your H Drive to another medium, including a flash drive, external hard drive, or cloud storage. Any files left in your H Drive will be deleted. | smb:// Use Webfile to connect to H Drive.

✓ Return any items checked out from the Digital Resource Center

Please return items checked out from the Digital Resource Center by 4 PM on Saturday, May 14, 2022 so that we can complete our end of year inventory the following week. If you are unable to return an item by that date or if you need an item over the following week, please reach out to to make arrangements.

Tax Documents

✓ Download tax documents

Sometime after January 1,  you will be able to download tax documents, including 1098-T Tuition Statement and W-2 wage and tax statement. Business Services will send an email to your account when these important tax documents are available for download from

Keep in touch!

✓ Join MacDirect

Join MacDirect, Macalester’s online alumni community. Update your email address by editing your Contact tab. While you’re there, update your mailing address and phone number too. You can also email contact info updates to Learn more about MacDirect  or contact Alumni Engagement at