Technology Checklist for New Faculty

✓ Initialize your official Macalester College account password

About 90 days prior to their start date, new faculty are sent instructions on how to initialize their official Macalester account to their personal email address. | How to change or reset a forgotten Macalester password | password rules 

✓ Request preferred name change (optional)

Macalester systems will use your preferred name as the system’s display name, like email and the online directory. Faculty may request their preferred name be changed to something other than their legal name by submitting the Employee Personal Information Update Form (gform) or contact Employment Services directly at Once the request is submitted to update your preferred name, it may take several days for the update to migrate to Macalester systems that use it.

✓ Activate Google Workspace account (email, calendar, and other resources)

Activate your Google Apps account by accepting the Google Terms of Service. Once activated, you can start using Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google Apps for Education products. Sign in with your full email address: <username> | list of accounts and services | <username>

✓ Set up 2 different 2-factor authentication accounts:
1 for Google and 1 for 1600grand

Using a 2nd factor to authenticate to your Google and 1600grand account is a security requirement for all staff, faculty and students. You’ll securely log into your Google & 1600grand accounts with 2 things: 1) something you know (your password) and 2) something you have (your phone).

1. Set up 2-Step Verification for Google (email) account
You’ll get 2 weeks after your first Google/email account login to turn on Google 2-Step Verification. If you miss the 2-week deadline, you’ll be locked out and will need to contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance. Follow the enroll prompts from Google when you log in or review get started wtih 2-Step verification.

2. Set up Duo Mobile app for 1600grand
The very first time you log into 1600grand, Duo Mobile 2-factor authentication is required. Follow the instructions in our Duo Mobile Setup Guide to get ready to use the Duo Mobile app to securely log in.

✓ Log into 1600grand, the Macalester information portal

Macalester’s portal, 1600grand, is the gateway to Macalester resources, including current course enrollments and rosters, and requires 2-factor authentication with Duo Mobile.

✓ Read your email

Check your Macalester email frequently. Your departmental and campus colleagues will use Macalester email to communicate with you. Furthermore, the Provost’s office, Employment Services, ITS, and other Macalester units will also use your Macalester email account to communicate with you. | Gmail app (Google Play) | Gmail app (App Store – Apple)

✓ Zoom & Zoom Phone: Sign in with Single sign-on (SSO) to get full license

Macalester uses Zoom for video conferencing and for phone service. You can sign in with SSO to set up your Zoom account.

✓ Connect your device to Macalester WiFi or eduroam

Macalester College’s wireless network uses your username and password to connect, an authentication method that provides a more secure wireless experience. Another option is to use eduroam, a free, global wifi roaming service that works here at Mac and at participating institutions. Check out the connection guides for your device.  Macalester WiFi | eduroam

✓ Review computer hardware and software needs with AIA

Tenure-track faculty usually have start-up funds provided by the Provost’s Office with which to purchase a computer. Nontenure-track faculty should contact their AIA for assistance. new tenure-track faculty computer  |  non-tenure-track faculty computer  |  software purchases | AIA contact info

✓ Explore Moodle, our learning management system

Faculty at Macalester use Moodle to create online learning communities that support teaching and learning. | Moodle information

✓ Know how to get assistance with technology from ITS

Contact your Academic Technology Assistant (AIA) for assistance. The ITS Help Desk is also available and offers extended evening and weekend hours during the fall and spring terms. Check out our Self Service Portal to search our knowledge base for answers, chat, submit a ticket to ask for help. | AIA contact info | | | 651-696-6525