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Access to Shared Drives is limited to Macalester students, faculty and staff. Connect to a shared drive from on-campus or remotely. Advantages to storing files on the shared drives:

  • Files are backed up nightly.
  • Access files from any campus location or remotely.
  • Securely share files with Campus community.

Shared Drive Types

List of most commonly used shared drives, use, access restrictions, and lifespan of contents.
Drive Use Who can access? Lifespan
H Personal files Account owner only. Entire drive and its contents are deleted when account is deleted.
G Sharing and storing files within a department Access is limited to members of a department. Files remain until deleted by members of the department.

Connect to Shared Drives

Shared drives connection instructions broken down by operating system.
Mac OS X Windows
G or H Drive connection instructions Drives should automatically be detected and then appear.
VPN connection instructions for Mac OS VPN connection instructions for Windows