Cascades. If you want to cascade a computer within your office—handing down an old one to someone else—consult ITS in advance. Because we recycle many of the computers being replaced with new ones, it is likely that the system you’re replacing is earmarked for someone else.

Preparation and delivery. Once it arrives, the computer is inventoried and prepared for your use.  ITS staff will contact you directly to set up a mutually-convenient time to deliver the new equipment. You will be given advance notice in order that you can back up data off your current computer to be moved over to the new one, and we can assist you with this.

Expediting delivery. When you know that a new or recycled computer is slated to be delivered for your use, it is tempting to ask that the delivery be expedited so that you can start working with the new gear as quickly as possible. Please understand that everyone getting a new computer shares this desire. ITS will work to prepare and deliver all awarded equipment as quickly as we reasonably can.

Out with the old, in with the new. When a new computer is delivered, an old one must be collected. If you are performing an approved cascade (see above), that’s fine—we encourage you to plan cascades such that the oldest computer in your department is returned. Please understand, however, that one old computer must be returned to ITS for every new computer delivered.

Getting to know you. When your new computer is delivered, you will have an opportunity for a brief hands-on test drive, during which an ITS staff member may give you some pointers on how best to take advantage of the new gear. If you want further assistance, please ask and we will call you with information about training classes, documentation and one-on-one tutoring.

Ownership. Everything purchased through the Computer Replacement Fund is the property of Macalester College.