Wireless Networks

By connecting to the wireless network, you agree to abide by Macalester College’s Information Technology Responsible Use Policy.


Encrypted for faculty and staff use. Electronic key (password) is required and reset each fall semester.


Encrypted for current Macalester students. Electronic key (password) is required. Once connected, all devices must be registered.


This service offers no encryption for guests and visitors. No login required.  Provided as a courtesy to our guests. Internet access is similar to that provided by coffee shops. Faculty, staff and students should use the other secure wireless networks.


Encrypted for faculty, staff, students and users from eduroam-participating institution's. Macalester credentials (Macalester email address and password) required to connect. Macalester is a member of eduroam, a global WiFi roaming consortium which gives members of education and research access to the Internet for free on all eduroam hotspots on the planet. Get connected to eduroam

No-Ethernet Laptop Trend

Apple, along with many Windows-based ultrabooks manufacturers, have ditched the optical drive and ethernet port components making their machines thinner and lighter, as well as freeing up space inside the case. ITS is keeping up the pace of this no-ethernet trend by upgrading and expanding Macalester's wireless network, especially in the residence halls. 

Wired Connections


Permanent student residence hall rooms are equipped with one or more Ethernet jacks. Language houses and special program residences are wired at variable ratios. All devices plugged in to wired jacks in student residence halls will be registered. Students may pick up an Ethernet cable at no cost from the ITS Help Desk in Neill Hall 314.

Faculty and Staff

All offices and most classrooms offer wired Ethernet jacks for faculty and staff use.

Wireless FAQ

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