Students living in residence halls or on-campus houses will have an opportunity to request voice mail service be added only after a phone is installed in their room. Email for further information.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are set up with a voice mail account that will pick up unanswered calls after three rings or when the line is busy.

Voice mail features

  • Ability to restore deleted messages before ending current session.
  • Store up to 20 minutes of messages for 30 days.
  • All messages are accepted, even when the mailbox is full.
  • The telephone number of the caller is announced as part of the message envelope, when the call is from off campus.
  • Control when and if you decide to block messages, usually during an extended absence or vacation.

Voice Mail How-Tos

List of voice mail features with links to corresponding instructions.
Feature How-To
Flow chart of commands Voice Mail Flow Chart 

Voice mail numbers On-campus: 6666 (or press Message key)
Off-campus: 651-696-6666
Sharing phone

First-time users Set up voice mailbox

Password Voice mail password rules

Greetings: External or internal Record external greeting
Record name
Bypass greeting and leave message

Greeting: Temporary or Vacation Record temporary greeting
Set expiration for temporary greeting

Block messages when temporary greeting is set

Greeting: Shared phone Callers hear personal name announced when sharing a phone

Messages Delete or restore a message
Forward message
Reply to sender
Call sender
Rewind, fast forward, pause, skip, or hear the time and date stamp of voice mail messages
Listen or edit message before sending
Send urgent, private, request acknowledgement, or set delivery date/time

Compose message and send to 1 or many

Express messaging Transfer call directly to voice mailbox
Send message without logging in or ringing recipient’s phone

Distribution lists Create personal distribution list
Play, edit, or delete personal distribution list

Remote notification Set up a pager or telephone for voice mail remote notification
Change notification messages

Remote notification settings
Turn remote notification on and off

Applications Change voice mail application greeting

My CallPilot website Getting started with My CallPilot
Enable desktop messaging (limited availability)

Sample Voice Mail Greetings

Voice mail greeting types with corresponding samples.
Type Sample
Personal verification

Andrew Carnegie extension 6168

[Personal Verification] is not available to take your call. Please leave a message at the tone.


Hello. You’ve reached the voice mailbox of [your name] at Macalester College. I am sorry I can’t take your call right now, please leave me a message at the tone and I will get back to you. To by-pass this greeting in future, press #. Thank you.

NOTE: All callers hear the external greeting when no internal greeting is recorded.

Messages blocked

Hello. Today is Monday, [date] and I will be out of the office until [date]. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact (person/department) at extension XXXX.
Messages allowed

Hello. Today is Monday, [date] and I will be out of the office until [date]. Please leave me a message and I will return your call. Should you need immediate assistance, please contact (person/department) at extension XXXX.