Download Requirements

  1. Some downloads require your device be connected to Macalester’s network
  2. Macalester username and password

Assistive Technology

Disability Services provides assistive technology for students.
Disability Services

License keys

For faculty and staff only
Software Licenses

Virtual Computer Lab

AppStream Applications
Adobe Creative Cloud (all apps except Adobe Bridge)
ESRI ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
ERDAS Imagine
IBM SPSS Statistics
eLumin Virtual Apps (gdoc)

Remote Computer Access
Connect to a remote Windows computer (gdoc)
Connect to a remote macOS computer (gdoc)

Meet & Present


Adobe Acrobat Google Drive Add-on
Adobe Acrobat Google Drive Add-on Install Guide (gdoc)

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud Access Request form

Email Mail Merge Google Sheet Add-on
Mail Merge premium license key (gdoc)

Microsoft Office – college-owned computers
Install MS Office 2019 apps for macOS

Microsoft Office – Personal use
Microsoft Office macOS (gdoc)
Microsoft Office Windows (gdoc)