Office Phones

Telephone service and voice mail are provided for faculty and staff, with some individuals sharing a phone.

Resident Hall Phones

Resident halls and houses have telephones in common areas and can make calls within the Twin Cities for free.

Voice Conferencing

Conduct a meeting over the phone, in an office or conference room.

  • A digital (office) phone can conference up to six participants, including yourself, in the same phone call. Use the phone’s CONFERENCE key to initiate.
  • A speaker phone must be used to broadcast a phone conversation. Most office phones are speaker phones.
  • A conference bridge service can be requested to allow participants to call in from almost anywhere in the world to join a conference call. Service charges may apply.
  • When planning a voice conference, keep in mind that phones located in public areas, including Campus Center conference rooms, only allow local calling and not long distance.
  • A departmental long distance authorization code is required to make non-local calls in public conference rooms.

Office Phone Quick Reference Guides