Meridian and Nortel Digital Phones

EXTENSION/REDIAL: Flashes when phone rings. Redial the last number by lifting handset and pressing extension button.

TRANSFER: Directs call to any campus extension.

  1. Press TRANSFER, call is placed on hold.
  2. Dial four-digit extension.
  3. Press TRANSFER or Connect to complete the transfer. Press EXTENSION to stop transfer and and return to the original call.

HOLD: Places call on hold with music.

CONFERENCE: Connects up to six participants, including yourself, in a single call.

  1. Place or receive the first call, press CONFERENCE and the first call is placed on hold.
  2. Dial the second call, press CONFERENCE and continue until all calls are conferenced.
  3. Press EXTENSION to return to the group should no one answer or caller not be available.

FORWARD: Directs all incoming calls to voice mail (651-696-6666) or any other campus extension. Unanswered calls forwarded to another campus extension will be answered by the original destination’s voice mail account.

  1. Press FORWARD, dial extension.
  2. Press FORWARD. All incoming calls will be forwarded.
  3. To remove the forward status, press FORWARD or CheckFW and then CanclFW.

SPEED CALL: Store up to ten phone numbers with up to 16 digits each.

  1. Press SPEED CALL.
  2. Press keypad number 0 through 9 to assign speed dial designation.
  3. Input number to store (include 9 for off-campus).
  4. Press SPEED CALL to store phone number.

To call stored SPEED CALL phone number:

  1. Lift handset, listen for dialtone.
  2. Press SPEED CALL.
  3. Press keypad number that corresponds to assigned speed dial designation.

AUTODIAL: Store one phone number (up to 16 digits).

  1. Press AUTODIAL.
  2. Input telephone number to store (include 9 for off-campus).
  3. Press AUTODIAL.
  4. To call number stored on AUTODIAL, lift handset, press AUTODIAL

MESSAGE: Voice mail indicator and automatically dials voice mail system, extension 6666.

HOLD: Place call on hold with music. The indicator corresponding to the extension key will flash when a call is on hold. To retrieve a call on hold, press the EXTENSION key.

RLS or GOODBYE: Disconnect call.

VOLUME CONTROL: Adjust the ringing and handset volume using the volume control buttons. While the phone is ringing or during a call, press the increase or decrease volume control buttons. Speaker volume can be adjusted when in use.