Voicemail flowchart

Voicemail Menu Flowchart (PDF)

Voicemail features

  • Voicemail messages are synced between your voice mailbox and your Macalester email.
  • When someone leaves you a voice message, an mp3 file attachment of the message will also appear in your email.
  • Messages marked as read in your email will make the voicemail light on your phone go out.
  • Delete a voice message via your phone and its corresponding email will also be deleted.
  • Delete a voice message from your email and its corresponding voice mailbox message will also be deleted.
  • Move a voicemail message from your email inbox and the voicemail is deleted from your phone’s voice mailbox.
  • All voicemail messages will be labeled with the email  ▶ UC ◀ label, which has been automatically created for you. Look for archived voicemail messages under the ▶ UC ◀ label.
  • No storage limit.
  • Set an extended absence greeting and change your location to block messages.

Access voicemail from a telephone

Log in from your campus phone

  1. Press Message or dial 6666.
  2. Enter your voicemail password.

Log in from any campus phone

  1. Press Message or dial 6666.
  2. Listen for phrase and respond accordingly:
    Enter your password:  *  (star)  or
    Unified Communications: # (pound sign)
  3. Enter your 4-digit mailbox number.
  4. Enter your password.

Log in from off campus

  1. Dial 651-696-6666.
  2. Press # (pound sign).
  3. Enter your 4-digit mailbox number.
  4. Enter your password.

Access voicemail from your email inbox


Macalester’s Google-integrated voicemail system gives you more flexibility in receiving and retrieving voicemail messages. You can continue to check your messages by calling into your voice mailbox; or you can listen to voice messages in your Macalester email.

  1. Log into your Macalester email account.
  2. Locate email messages with the subject Voice Message From: [Full Name], 6XXX.
  3. Click the VoiceMsg.mp3 file to listen to the voicemail message.
  4. Voicemail messages will automatically be tagged with the  ▶ UC ◀ (unified communication) label.

Access voicemail from web client

Web access to manage call settings, extended absence greeting location, and self-service password reset. The voicemail web client is only available from the on-campus network.