Use eduroam’s configuration assistant tool to get connected

You don’t have to be on campus to use eduroam’s configuration assistant tool to install and enable the service before arriving at Macalester or traveling to other campuses.

  1. Open Safari app; other browser apps will not work.
  2. Go to to use eduroam’s configurationassistant tool.
  3. Verify the following settings:
    Select your institution: Macalester College
    Select your country: U.S.A.
    Select your institution: Macalester College
    Choose an installer to download: Apple iOS mobile devices
  4. Tap Do you have an account at this institution? If so and if the other settings above are OK then click here to download…
  5. Tap Download installer for Apple iOS mobile devices
  6. Tap Install. Enter passcode for phone, if prompted, to continue.
  7. Tap Install until Enter Username: appears. Be sure to enter Tap Next.
  8. Enter Password. Tap Next.
  9. Profile installed. Tap Done.
  10. Go to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Wi-Fi Settings and select eduroam.

Your device is connected to eduroam and will automatically connect to eduroam-participating institutions.

Apple Watch does not currently support the network protocol used to support eduroam.