How to Connect Your Device to Macalester Gadgets Wireless Network

Step 1: Register Your Device

Some smart speakers like Google Home, Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo, may not be compatible with the Macalester Gadgets network.

  1. Go to Macalester College Device Registration Portal – available on campus only. 
  2. Enter your Macalester Username and Password.
  3. Click Log In.
  4. Click Register Device.
  5. Enter Device Name. Each device name must be unique.  
  6. Enter MAC Address. A media access control address (MAC) uniquely identifies your device on the network. 
  7. Click Register Device.  
  8. Review the Registration Receipt and make note of the Wireless Password. Use this password to connect your device to Macalester Gadgets.

How to Locate Your Device’s MAC Address

Locate your device below for instructions on how to locate its MAC Address. If your device is not listed, consult the device’s service manual or manufacturer for assistance.

Step 2: Connect Device to Macalester Gadgets

  1. Go to your device’s network settings.
  2. Select the Macalester Gadgets wireless network.
  3. Enter the Wireless Password for Macalester Gadgets as it appears on the Registration Receipt. ICYMI, view the Mac Gadget’s Wireless Password (gdoc).
  4. Click Connect or Join.