Setup instructions

The settings outlined on this page may vary slightly across devices and versions, but these instructions should be generally applicable to all situations. 

  1. Open Settings, select Wi-Fi.
    iPhone settings dialog box
  2. From Choose a Network: tap Macalester WiFi.
    iPhone Choose a Network
  3. Enter Password appears. Enter your Macalester username and Password. Click Join
    iPhone Enter Password dialog box
  4. Certificate appears. Click Trust.
    iPhone Certificate screen
  5. Optional: Click More Details to verify certificate is owned by Macalester College. 
    iPhone Certificate more details
  6. Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad should now be connected to Macalester WiFi.

Remove wireless network instructions

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap the blue i located to the right of the network name.
    iPhone > Settings > Network > Wi-Fi
  3. Tap Forget This Network.
    iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi > Forget This Network
  4. Forget Wi-Fi Network “Macalester”? appears. Click Forget.
    iPhone > Settings > Wi-Fi > Forget This Network