• Hannah Ankeny ‘12
  • Emmetsburg, Iowa
  • Study abroad: Concepción, Chile
  • LAS interests: Transnational relations, migration, resistance to repression, religious organizations and theological movements, political martyrdom, and cinematographic representations of Latin America.


Maddy Blaine majorMaddy Blain ’15
Evansville, Wisconsin
Study abroad plans: Undecided
LAS interests: Public health and women’s health in Latin America, indigenous rights and culture, U.S. immigration policy

CarolineCaroline Davidson ‘13
Lexington, Massachusetts
Study abroad: São Paulo, Brazil
LAS interests: Political position of indigenous groups, effects of migration, and US immigration system.





Gabriella Gomez major

    Gabriella Gomez ’14

  • Queens, New York City, New York
  • Study abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • LAS interests: Development and growth of Latin American cities






 Isela Gomez major

  • Isela Gomez ’13
  • East Los Angeles, California
  • Study abroad: Nicaragua
  • LAS interests:






Elas Goossen majorElsa Goossen ’15
Topeka, Kansas
Study abroad plans: possibly the Border Studies program in Mexico
LAS interests: Nonviolent movements, women’s roles in peace-building, and U.S. policies related to Latin America

Alex Harley major

  • Alex Harley ’15
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Study abroad plans: Peru with the SIT program
  • LAS interests: Indigenous cultures and rights

MattieMattie Hill ’13
Liberty, Missouri
Study abroad: Buenos Aires, Argentina
LAS interests: Environmental infrastructures, indigenous rights, and the shaping of cultural/social relationships.

AndreaAndrea Jackson ‘13
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Study abroad: Managua, Nicaragua
LAS interests: Representations of protest and revolution in Latin America (music, images, theatre), labor rights, maquiladora industry, United Farm Workers.



Rebecca Jackson majorRebecca Jackson ’13
El Paso, Texas
Study abroad: Bolivia
LAS interests: Andes, indigenous rights, media as a tool for social change, theories of decolonization generated from the grassroots, cultural studies, utopianism





Marian Michaels majorMarian Michaels ’15
Somerville, Massachusetts
Study abroad plans: Undecided
LAS interests: Women’s political activism, U.S. influences, social movements, protest and revolution

 Carly Silva ‘13
Fairfield, Connecticut
Study abroad: Costa Rica
LAS interests: Central America, indigenous rights, and environmental activism.

Jeanne Stuart major

  • Jeanne Stuart ’14
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Study abroad: La Paz, Bolivia
  • LAS interests: Leftist social movement innovation, indigenous political mobilization, “Boom” era literature, all about the Andes

GrahamGraham Sutherland ’13
Seattle, Washington
Study abroad: Cochabamba, Bolivia
LAS interests: Indigenous rights; Cold War-era politics and their effect on Central America.