Course Syllabi
140 – Foundations of Comparative Politics (FCP) (Fall 2023)
245 – Latin American Politics (LAP) (Spring 2024)
290 – Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellowship (CGF) (Spring 2020)
341 – Comparative Social Movements (CSM) (Spring 2024)
342 – Urban Politics of Latin America (ULA) (Fall 2023)
400 – Senior Research Seminar (SRS) (Fall 2023)

APSA Citation and Reference Style Guide


Single Point Papers
LAP – Bolsa Familia and PT Electoral Coalition (Duarte)
LAP – Brazil’s Landless Movement: Effects of Repression or Democratization? (Jelev)
LAP – A Milton Analysis of the MST in Brazil (Kotonias)
LAP – The Flow of Power Under Chávez (Blom)
LAP – Leadership and Participatory Democracy (Michaels)
ULP – Chameleon SPP (Montesanti)

Analytic Papers
CSM – Sample Table for Analytic Paper (Walker)
CSM – Solidarity Framing in Water War and Black Lives Matter (Blain)
CDN – Limiting Reserve Domains in Pacted Transitions (Ravdin)
CSM – Framing Mobilization around Nationalism (Bigelow)
CSM – Framing Battle of the Desaguadero Oil Spill (Hill)
CSM – Framing in the Movement to Close the School of the Americas (Van Etten)
LAP – Liberation Theology in Guatemala and El Salvador (Gempler)
LAP – Framing US Intervention in Chávez’s Venezuela (Shoemaker)
LAP – Women’s Political Participation in Revolutionary Nicaragua (Hedin)
LAP – Identity Politics in Guatemala and Brazil (Stuart)

Research Papers
CSM – This is What Democracy Looks Like: Egypt, Wisconsin, and 2011 Global Moment (Blain)
CSM – Jesus and Drag Queens: The Gay Rights Movement in the Episcopal Church (Hedin)
CSM – El Faccionalismo y la Separación de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Hill)
FCP – Nationalism and Democratic Reform: Iran and Russia (Stegner and Turner)

FCP – Autonomy and Women’s Organizations in Nicaragua and El Salvador (Jacoby)

FCP – Preventing Separatist Movements in USSR, Russia, and South Africa (Roh)

FCP – Comparing Coups in Brazil and Turkey (Duke)
LAP – Land Titling and Urban Intervention in Lima and Rio de Janeiro (Westberg)
LAP – Comparative Perspectives on Delegative Democracy in Menem & Putin’s Presidencies (Jelev)
LAP – The 1990 Electoral Defeat of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua (Pallmeyer)
SRS – Challenges to a Hemispheric Power: International Influence and Latin American Leaders (Stone)

Exploratory Papers
SRS – Miami and the Right to the City (Scott)
ULA – The Alternative Street: Gangs as Sites of Urban Governance (Rebert)

Research Design Assignments
CSM – Prospectus: Tactical Innovation in Egypt, Bolivia, and Wisconsin (Blain)
SRS – Brass Tacks Assignment: Challenging a Hemispheric Power (Stone)
SRS – Brass Tacks Assignment: Broadcasting Decolonization (Jackson)
SRS – Project Proposal: Castro, Chávez, and U.S. Policy (Stone)
SRS – Sample Abstracts

LAP – A Journey Through Latin America’s Open Veins (Bruno)
LAP – Popular Movements and Rise of Left in Latin America (Lichter)
LAWE – Presente in Our America: Written Portraits from an Abused Subcontinent (Kligerman)

Honors Thesis Proposals
Envisioning Progressive Pluralism (Kotonias)
The Violence of Capitalism (Kligerman)
Beheading the Leadership (Pallmeyer)

Honors Theses
2012 – Melo – Anti-Poverty Policies in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia
2010 – Kligerman – Violences of Capitalism in Uganda, Minnesota, and Mexico
2009 – Hill – Choreographing National Identity

2009 – Kotonias – Politics of Lynch Violence and State Exceptions
2009 – Pallmeyer – Beyond Corporatism and Liberalism
2009 – Wells – Comparing Black Self-Determination in Atlanta and Salvador
2009 – Virnig – Local Food Movements and Global Social Change
2008 – Duke – Legislatures and Neoliberalism in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay
2007 – Hedin – African Nationalism and Structural Adjustment
2007 – Bigelow – New State Puerto Rican Politics
2007 – Rebert – Immigrant Rights Movement
2006 – Kaster – Mothers in Social Movements in Authoritarian Regimes

2005 – Milton – Strategies and Protest in Argentine Factory Takeover Movement