The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement (OSLE) provides opportunities for students to explore and enhance their leadership. OSLE supports students throughout all stages and experiences in their leadership development through a variety of programs, positions, trainings, and events. Though leadership is in our name and core to what we do, we recognize that entities across Macalester support students in leadership development. OSLE is committed to supporting leadership efforts and helping students navigate opportunities, wherever they occur at Macalester. 

We maintain that leadership can be learned and developed over time. Furthermore, we view leadership as a process rather than a position, and believe that all students have the ability to affect positive change. Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, we are committed to developing co-curricular experiences that advance your leadership capacity both at and beyond Macalester.

OSLE’s Leadership Development Opportunities & Initiatives

“Leaderchips and Dip” Weekly Program

Launched in fall 2021, this new “tea-time” style drop-in program was co-created by OSLE Student Leadership Assistants and staff to help provide a space for students to discuss topics related to involvement and leadership at Macalester while enjoying rotating chips and dip. Student Leadership Assistants facilitate the space provide peer-to-peer support and mentorship.

Key questions we ask in this space are:

  • Where do you see leadership happening around you?
  • Where do you see a need for leadership?
  • What’s holding you back from engaging in the kind of leadership you want to see?

This program is currently scheduled Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 pm in the lower level of the Chapel.

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Mac Homeroom Mentors & Coordinator

Launched in 2020 and reimagined for fall 2021, MAC Homeroom is a program designed to build, sustain, and encourage good mental health, academic success, and community engagement for students entering Macalester. Student Mentors participate in a leadership training program which prepares them to lead small groups of first and second year students through an on-campus retreat prior to Orientation to learn foundational skills to be successful in college and empower others on campus to do the same. Throughout the fall semester, Mentors meet with their small groups twice a month and hold monthly “Homeroom Huddles” with all participating students. Monthly Mentor Meet-ups serve as a space to reflect on the process and support from fellow mentors and OSLE staff.

Stay tuned for 2022/2023 application cycle information! 

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Macalester Student Government Advising

OSLE staff serve as primary advisors for several key student government leadership positions. As advisors, we support students in leading committees, making ethical decisions, working across difference, advocating for student needs, and being responsible stewards of student funds.

  • MCSG President – Advisor, Laurie Adamson
  • Financial Affairs Committee Chair – Advisor, Margaret Smith
  • Program Board Chair & Student Organizations Committee Chair – Advisor, Logan Schrader

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Orientation Leaders & Orientation Coordinators

Orientation Leaders (OLs) support new students as they enter the diverse academic, intellectual, and social culture of Macalester throughout our five-day Orientation program. These student role models provide reassurance, help students start to shape their own Mac experience, encourage involvement in campus life, build Mac’s community of respect, and provide information about campus resources and services. OLs are also invited to facilitate supplemental Life at Mac Workshops & Wellness Breaks. Orientation Leaders participate in a four-day training program focused on collaboration, trauma-informed facilitation, inclusive leadership, active listening, and navigating group dynamics. This is a volunteer position.

Orientation Coordinators (OCs) play an integral role in the creation of a welcoming environment for new students and their families as they transition into the Macalester College community. The OCs also assist with the planning, implementation, and coordination of Orientation Leader training and all Orientation content and events. They also serve as peer leaders and mentors to the OL cohort. This is a paid ~30 hour/week summer position open to three students. OCs must have already served at least one year as an OL to be eligible.   

Stay tuned for 2022/2023 application cycle information! 

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SLAM (Student Leadership at Macalester)

Each August OSLE coordinates SLAM, a half-day leadership learning program for 100+ students participating in a range of  leadership roles on campus in partnership with Residential Life, CRSL, and the Hamre Center for Health and Wellness.

2021 SLAM Highlights:

  • Welcome & Gratitude – Dr. Andrew Wells (Dean of Students)
  • SLAM Framing – Laurie Adamson (OSLE)
  • Rotating Sessions
    • Reflection & Intention – Margaret Smith & Logan Schrader (OSLE)
    • Personal Sustainability – Cassandra Worner & Audrey Seligman (HWC)
    • Challenges & Boundaries – Yuri Smith & MaKaila Knight-Allder (RL)
  • Closing – Rev. Kelly Stone (CRSL)

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Student Organization Leader Trainings

OSLE hosts a variety of trainings and workshops focused on student organization management and leadership development. Explore student org trainings opportunities.

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Student Employment in OSLE

OSLE provides meaningful educational opportunities and leadership development coaching through student employment. Student staff are an integral part of the daily operations of our office.

Current OSLE student staff positions include:

  • Student Leadership Assistants
  • Office Assistants
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Program Board Office Manager
  • MCSG Financial Affairs Committee Bookkeeper

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Opportunities in Development

2022 Leadership Fair & Mini Conference

Save the Date for Jan 28 (Student Org & Leadership Opportunities Fair) and Jan 29 (Mini Conference). Stay tuned for more information!

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“Campus Challenge & Change” (CCC) Program

This forthcoming program blends leadership development, consulting, and organizational change to help empower students to make evidence-based recommendations for questions or problems (“challenges”) identified by participating campus units. Students will be sponsored by a “challenge office” and receive regular guidance and coaching from OSLE throughout the academic year. Students will follow a scaffolded timeline of deliverables, guiding them as they explore relevant research and best practices related to the challenge, produce findings, and deliver written and presented recommendations for organizational change to their client. 

The CCC Program was designed using the following models: 

  • The Office Consultation Project (Wawrzynski & Jessup-Anger, 2014) 
  • Adaptive Leadership Theory (Heifetz, Grashow, & Linsky, 2009) 

Leadership Workshop “Menu”

OSLE is currently working in collaboration with our Student Leadership Assistants to develop workshops on a range of leadership skills and competencies to be offered to the general student body and interested programs, classes, or teams. Stay tuned for more information!

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