Mac is full of leadership development opportunities to…

Know & Grow Yourself
 Examine and articulate your strengths, values, growth areas, and leadership styles. Exercise inclusive leadership practices and critically reflect on how your identities influence your positionality.  Develop personal sustainable leadership habits. 

Work Together to Meet Challenges & Create Change
 Take initiative, work with others toward goals, and pursue just and equitable change. Assess challenges, make ethical decisions, and adapt to shifting circumstances.

Serve & Empower Others
Collaborate and communicate effectively with others across difference and build collective spaces for mutual growth. Cultivate and empower the leadership of your peers. 

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Our Student Leadership Development Philosophy

Leadership is a learned, dynamic, lifelong practice 

Leadership is how students put their values into practice to meet challenges and make positive change in their communities. Leadership entails a wide range of transferable skills that can serve students in any environment and prepares them for life during and after Macalester.

Leadership is valid and valuable in many forms

All students have the potential to practice leadership and see themselves as leaders, whether individually or as part of a collective. There are many ways to lead, and everyday acts of leadership are valid and valuable. Leadership is not solely reserved for those holding formal positions. 

Your college years are the perfect time to start or continue your leadership journey

Macalester is committed to cultivating student leadership development by striving to provide accessible, inclusive, and equitable learning opportunities for all students via programs, experiences, and curricula.

Student Leadership Philosophy Development Process & Warrant

This philosophy was developed by the Leadership Working Group* in response to the OSLE’s Student Leadership Needs Assessment recommendation that Macalester should “adopt or help create shared leadership language that is inclusive of diverse leadership styles and aligns with college values and student needs.” This recommendation was grounded in findings that student leadership development at Macalester is currently de-centralized and unevenly emphasized across campus programs. The needs assessment also revealed many students possess less inclusive understandings of leadership and/or struggle to identify with leadership (especially BIPOC and/or FY students). This finding provides a strong warrant for helping our campus approach student leadership development with a more intentional and proactively inclusive emphasis. Further, staff and faculty recognized the benefits of creating shared leadership language to help provide direction for their work and to ensure the campus is “paddling in the same direction” to create a more coordinated experience for students. Lastly, having a publicly posted student leadership development philosophy on a centralized website is a best practice at peer institutions explored in our benchmarking work.  

*2021/22 Leadership Working Group: Laurie Adamson (OSLE), Mindy Deardurff (CE), Hana Dinku (DML), Kyle Flowers (RL), Jennifer Jacobsen (HWC), Derek Johnson (CEC), Donna Maeda (IGC), Ayana Smith-Kooiman (Student/MCSG), Devyn Smith (Athletics), Margaret Smith (OSLE)