Students walking downtown St. Paul

Welcome back. We know you had an unconventional start to your Macalester experience and we’re excited for the opportunity to engage, celebrate, and, in some cases, welcome you to campus for the very first time!

As part of the Center for Campus Life: OSLE, Residential Life, and the Campus Center staff want to support and encourage your return to campus:

Through integration and campus collaboration, the Center for Campus Life will provide strategic opportunities for sophomores to gain comfort, confidence, and connections. These three C’s will provide sophomores a pathway to begin their Sophomore-Year Experience (SOYE).

  • Comfort – Sophomores will be given opportunities to take a breath and be validated on the obstacles they faced to get to this point.
  • Confidence – Sophomores will be able to gain confidence in knowing they can effectively succeed and thrive at Macalester.
  • Connections – Sophomores will learn about resources available to them and how to access them.