Advertise Events on Library Computers

Available Slots

Mac community: To see current availability, log into your Macalester GoogleApps account.

Submit a Request

  • Reservations must be submitted 14 calendar days prior to your requested display week. See policy below for more information.

Submit a Desktop Advertisment Request

Desktop Image Requirements

Create two images: One for Mac computers and one for PC computers. Images not meeting requirements will be returned.

Requirements for Mac desktop images

  • Width: 1730 pixels.
  • Height: 1080 pixels

Requirement for PC desktop images

  • Width: 1100 pixels
  • Height: 1040 pixels

Accepted image formats: JPG, PNG, PSD, and AI

Caution! Copyright and Other Considerations

Do not include any images and/or text that violates the intellectual property rights of others, or that might be found insensitive, offensive, or a violation of the Macalester College Student Handbook or code of conduct.

Submit your images at least seven days prior to the date that it is to be scheduled to be added to library public computer desktops.

Policy for Advertising on Library Public Computer Screens

To be eligible for this library service, your organization needs to be:

  • a student organization that is sanctioned by MCSG and recognized by Campus Programs; or
  • an official academic or administrative department on campus, or
  • an established standing or special committee recognized by the campus administration.

Your event or promotion needs to be:

  • open and of interest to the campus community (not just a small group)
  • easily accessible to the campus community (preferably held on campus)

Your Reservation needs to be submitted 14 calendar days prior to your requested display week, and may only run for one week. Scheduled Library sponsored events will take precedence over other campus events.

If you are ready to submit a request, start by filling out our Library Desktop Display Request Form.