Better World Books Partnership

Better World Books


The Library has a standing partnership with Better World Books to assist in reusing/recycling donations and materials from our collection that are no longer wanted. Better World Books is a non-profit that supports literacy organizations such as Books for Africa, to provide funding by selling used books.

Members of the Macalester Community: If you have books or other acceptable materials you wish to part with, please consider bringing them to the Macalester library, and we will donate them to Better World Books. Please see the Better World Books guidelines below for what constitutes acceptable materials. Our library receives a small amount back from sales of books we donate. If you have a large amount of books (more than 25 items) please contact library staff to obtain boxes.

Acceptable Materials

  • Ex-Library Copies
  • College Textbooks
  • Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectible Books or No-ISBN books
  • Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  • Children’s Books
  • Hardcover Fiction and Non-fiction Monographs
  • DVDs and Books on CD Paperbacks
  • Travel Books
  • Foreign Language Books
  • and many others


  • Books in poor condition due to water-damage, mold or dirt, or missing covers or pages
  • VHS tapes, audio cassettes, LP Records
  • Encyclopedias, Journals, Periodicals Tax and Government Documents
  • Please see the Better World Books website for more information.