The Chronicle of Higher Education

The library has an institutional subscription to the Chronicle of Higher Education. This means that you have access to the contents of the Chronicle without purchasing a separate subscription. In order to set up daily email notifications you need to create a free account.
You need to set up this account while on campus or through VPN.

Create a free account at: IMPORTANT: When asked for your email address, please use your Macalester email address. If you already have an account, verify that your profile includes your Macalester email address.

Once you have your free account, you can select your preferences. You should see a screen that offers options with “Premium Access Provided by Macalester Content” at the top right side:


If you have any problems setting up your Chronicle account, please contact the library using our AskUs options.

In addition to the online version, we also receive the print edition of the Chronicle. You can see the variety of access options in Macalester WorldCat.