Mission for Macalester Scholarly Communications Task Force

The traditional scholarly communications system is changing due to technology, economics, and other political and social factors. Our goal is to increase awareness and understanding among faculty and students regarding their stake in this changing landscape and their potential roles in transforming its future. The issues are critical as they not only impact the collections we provide to support the curriculum and faculty and student research, but they also affect the publishing opportunities for our faculty and students. In the tradition of Macalester College as recognized leaders and innovators we are organizing to promote an understanding and awareness of:

  • the changing publishing landscape and issues that are contributing to change
  • faculty intellectual property rights and privileges
  • open access publishing and what it offers to scholarship and shared knowledge for the common good
  • federal and state legislative issues that impact access to research and scholarly findings

Through these activities we hope to increase faculty involvement in finding solutions to escalating journal prices; i.e. rising journal costs are not just a library problem

The outcome for this task force will be the development of a community that is aware of the issues in scholarly publishing, informed regarding the impact of choices made when selecting journals in which to publish as well as selecting journal subscriptions for the library collection, and knowledgeable about the long term needs required for positive change in scholarly publishing.

Approved by the Provost
April 2, 2007