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What is Selected Works?

The DeWitt Wallace Library maintains Selected Works and the Digital Commons.

How Does the Library Update Faculty Pages?

The library updates faculty pages in one of two ways:

  • Faculty can submit requests for updates by submitting this form or…
  • The library will update information after the annual faculty addendum has been submitted to the Provost

How Can I Find My page?

  1. You can navigate to your Selected Works page from the author gallery in DigitalCommons
  2. You can type in the URL for your page.

The URL for  your Selected Works page is: (all lower case with an _ (underscore) between your first and last name)


In some cases we can upload copies of articles to Selected Works. If you did not retain your rights as author, we will check the policies of your publisher for permissions. Many publishers are becoming more tolerant of posting pre- or post-print versions. For a list of publishers who allow deposit of published pdf versions please visit SHERPA:RoMEO for Publisher’s copyright & archiving policies. For those articles with copies uploaded to Selected Works, we will be making a link from the department Digital Commons page to your SW article. If you have questions about permissions to post your article, please use the same form for requesting an update to your page. 


For questions, please contact:

  1. Your Liaison Librarian
  2. Or submit a question to Macalester Library Office.

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