Goals 2019


The following goals grew out of a library staff planning and brainstorming session in January. They reflect broad areas that all library staff will work on throughout the coming calendar year, in various capacities. These goals also address two primary initiatives: possible renovation plans in the library and staff adjustments due to two open full-time positions.  

The themes below bubbled up in planning and were woven throughout. They provide a framework and perspective upon which to form specific individual and group goals:

  • Increasing trust and transparency.
  • Applying creativity, imagination, innovation, inventive thinking, and experimentation to meet our mission.
  • Addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with an intentional lens of social justice.
  • Building and improving relationships within the library and across campus.

2019 Goals

(progress will be reported in January, 2020)


Over the coming year, we will need to review staff roles and responsibilities, hire new staff, and assess the role of student employment in the library. Specific goals in this area will help facilitate clarification of responsibilities in a time of change and ensure we hire new staff to fill long term rather than just temporary needs. In addition, new space needs and changes to student wages provide us with an opportunity to assess student employment and find creative ways to integrate student employees into library services, workflows, and culture.

Communication, Outreach and Feedback

Improved communication repeatedly cropped up throughout the goal planning sessions. Specific goals in this area will help facilitate both internal and external, two-way communication. There are opportunities for increased transparency in the sharing of information, and in new creative or experimental ways to gather and share information about the library.

Services and Spaces

In light of potential space changes due to renovation and collaboration with ITS, we need to examine library services and how those intersect with, or are impacted by, our physical and virtual spaces. Specific goals related to service and space assessment and to library renovation planning will be a major focus for this area. Additional opportunities exist in finding creative and collaborative ways to assess and improve services.


During the planning process, staff expressed a desire to enhance the user’s experience in discovering and accessing scholarship in general, and in library collections, specifically; this includes institutionally unique collections. Specific goals may be related to creative solutions that improve discovery of and access to specific library collections, or other activities that improve the users experience in the discovery and access to scholarship. There are great opportunities to address this goal through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.