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The library seeks to enable our students to effectively navigate in a complex information society where information resources are diverse, overly abundant, and sometimes inaccurate, and to be able to critically evaluate the resources in order to determine the validity of information provided. Our educational programs and tools are designed to facilitate student success in this complex information society.

The purpose behind information fluency efforts closely matches one of the components of the Macalester Statement of Purpose and Belief.

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Library Instruction Programs

The Library offers a variety of instruction programs to meet faculty, staff and student needs. The programs include:

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Learn: Tools and Tutorials from the Library

Academic Integrity Module

The Academic Integrity module is intended to be a five-week program for individual students who are in need of developing an understanding on how to avoid unintentional or intentional plagiarism.

Assignment Calculator

A time management tool for researching and writing your paper. Helps you finish your assignment on time and on target, and it gives you an action plan with target due dates.


Subject, course, and topic guides to help you find the right databases, tools, and other resources for your research projects and papers.

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