Course-Integrated Instruction

Held during your regular class time, this is an in-depth, hands-on session with discipline-specific library resources, integrated with course assignments.  It goes beyond the basics covered in first-year courses to concentrate on scholarly communication and information within a discipline.

The specifics of the session will depend on the needs of the faculty and students.  Past instruction sessions have included:

  • Narrowing topics
  • Selecting and using appropriate resources
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary sources
  • Academic integrity
  • Plagiarism
  • Citation management
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Open access and scholarly communication models

Please Note

  • Our schedule fills rapidly, especially in the fall, so please schedule early and be flexible about dates
  • It is best to schedule the session(s) to coincide with a library research project.
  • We often collaborate with faculty on developing the class research project  Contact your Liaison Librarian for additional information.

Request a Course-Integrated Session (You will be contacted by your Liaison Librarian.)