Campus and Academic Media Services Equipment Reserve Form

Equipment must be reserved a minimum of 2 business days prior to checkout, to ensure availability.

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The following items can be reserved and picked up at the Library’s main service desk

LCD (Data) Projector
Portable Table
HD Camcorder
Digital Still Camera
Light Kit
Slide Projector
DVD player
Code free DVD player
VHS player
CD player
Overhead Transparency Projector

Large portable PA systems and speakers, microphones, and other equipment needed for events will be available for checkout by appointment only. Such equipment will need to be picked up at a pre-determined time when Media Services staff are available. Please describe your need for this equipment in the comment section below.

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Notes About Reservation Priority

  • Macalester College Media Services Equipment is intended primarily for academic and official event use.
  • Academic and official event uses will have priority over any personal uses.
  • Personal or Residence Hall use requests will not be confirmed until the morning of pick up.

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For example, if this equipment is needed for an event or a class project, please describe so we can better anticipate your AV needs.

I understand that I am responsible for the safety and security of this equipment. If damaged, lost, or stolen, charges may be incurred.