#ColorOurCollections at Macalester

February 8 2017

Whether you color inside or out of the lines, celebrate the Archives and Special Collections at Mac by coloring pages from these items in our collections:

  • Covers and clips from Spotlight, the annual Macalester student photo directory from 1949-2005
  • Woodcut of Ravenna from the Nuremberg Chronicle, Germany, 1493
  • Facsimile section from Libro dei Globi by Vincenzo Coronelli, 1693
  • Plates from the Encyclopédie, France, 1751-1772

Join us Feb 6-10 in the library for some coloring fun! Remember to post your masterpieces using #ColorOurCollections. We’ll also post some creations at macalesterarchives.tumblr.com

You can also contact the archives to see the real works, plus much much more!

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