Publish your own book

October 6, 2017

Open in order to…publish your own book.  Did you know you could write and publish your own book for free and make it widely available for others to read?  We’re part of a pilot project in Minnesota, the Minnesota Libraries Publishing Project(MLPP) that utilizes the Pressbooks platform to create e-books.  Pressbooks gives you a one-button export, where you can choose from: MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB (for Nook/iBooks etc), and/or PDF (for print and print-on-demand), as well as a few more options.  You can also publish to the web and add links for readers or even publish and share your book with readers in the state, and potentially across the country, by using the submit to SELF-e option. (If you submit to SELF-e, your book will be available to Minnesota readers after it passes a basic screening process. Note: the reading platform requires a public library card number.)  You can read more details on how to create a book with the MLPP or contact us for more information on how to get started.