OER, UNESCO and Professor Mehta

March 4, 2020

Professor Sonia Mehta embraces Open Ed. Through her course, Building Trust: Education in Global Perspective she is creating and using an open (digital) textbook. She also actively integrates open education practices into her course by creating a community of learners both in the classroom and across the world, in an on-going effort to build sustainable knowledge networks of life-long learning.  Students also demonstrate agency and ownership of their learning by creating educational infographics of critical global issues.

Professor Mehta also supports the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources (OER) by providing resources and speaking about the value of OER for equitable access to quality educational materials.  She will be discussing her work and OER futures at the 2020 Groningen Declaration Network Meeting in New Delhi, India, under the theme: Using Innovation to Disrupt: Creating a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem for  Learners.

Learn more about the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources

Read the UNESCO document, “Digital Credentialing: Implications for the recognition of learning across borders”