Open Access Week 2020 – Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion

October 21, 2020

Do you ever think about the pathways and publishing systems that get a research article from the authors’ virtual pens and into your hands? 

Are these systems sustainable? 

Are the systems equitable? 

Whose voices are heard, and who gets access?

This year’s Open Access Week theme is Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion. It is a call for libraries, institutions, academic authors, publishers and online publishing platform providers to look at the spaces and systems that are structured for the sharing of knowledge. Open Access is a step towards addressing equity and inclusion in the sharing of academic knowledge, but a continuous examination of academic publishing and access models is needed. Some of the questions to guide us are: Who are these systems designed for? Whose voices are included? Who is excluded from access? Whose interests are prioritized?

Individuals at the DeWitt Wallace Library are continually examining and re-examining our work and collections through a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Supporting Open Access to research and sustainable collections, is one step on our journey. Read our Collection Development Plan to Support Sustainable Collections.

Below are some of the ways that we support open access and broader sustainable collection initiatives. What you can do: use these resources in your academic work or let us know about open access platforms or initiatives that you rely on. 


Digital Commons @ Macalester

The library manages the Macalester institutional repository for scholarship to help Mac faculty, students, and staff share their work freely online, while retaining their copyrights.

Open Access Publishing Support

We provide support and have limited funding to assist faculty in publishing their work in open access journals and books. As a member of the Open Textbook Network, the library supports faculty in their discovery, adaptation, or creation of open access textbooks/curriculum, such as Grenzenlos-Deutsch an open German language curriculum 

Lever Press

A peer reviewed press that is governed by its participating members and has Macalester connections. Hannah Brooks-Motl, Assistant Acquisitions Editor, is a 2003 Mac alum and joined Lever Press in 2019. Check out the chapter by Mac faculty, Bill Moseley: The African Sky is Best at Sunset: Debriefing to Reframe a Village Experience in Faculty as Global Learners: Off-Campus Study at Liberal Arts Colleges

Open Book Publishers

An open access book publisher. The Open Book Publishers (OBP) catalog of peer reviewed titles spans across the disciplines, from Anthropology to Women and Gender Studies –with an emphasis on the Humanities and Social Sciences. Ebooks are available in multiple formats to view on line or to download and many also include media/interactive content. As with other OA publishers, authors keep the copyright to their work.