February 8, 2021

Do you have a library database that you really love? Not sure?

If you have ever booked a research consultation with a librarian or visited the big A-Z list of databases you have probably seen quite a few databases already. This month we are inviting you to discover a new favorite.

We will be highlighting three unique databases with a student-created pseudo-dating show series we are calling Date-A-Base. Stay tuned for the three contestants: Films on Demand, Art & Architecture ePortal, and Access World News.

Episode 1: Films on Demand

This contestant is a film enthusiast well versed in a variety of topics. You can find so much on Films on Demand from concerts to full-length films. Learn how to make clips to share and organize your videos, how to use the multilingual features of Films on Demand, and other neat tricks!

Episode 2: Art & Architecture ePortal

This week’s contestant is Art & Architecture ePortal. This multi-disciplinary database is well versed in the arts and is an expert on citation. Is this database your perfect match?

Episode 3: Access World News

Our final contestant for season one is Access World News. This collector of information is great at helping you find all sorts of current news and topics. This easy-to-understand database has powerful advanced search features, and if you don’t know what to look for it will show you what’s hot right now. You can also travel back in time to see what was happening on a certain date. Is Access World News your perfect match?