Date-A-Base: Season 2

April 16, 2021

Date-a-Base Season 2

Date-A-Base is back for season two!

If you have ever booked a research consultation with a librarian or visited the big A-Z list of databases you have probably seen quite a few databases already. This month we are inviting you to discover a new favorite.

We will be highlighting three unique databases with a student-created pseudo-dating show series we are calling Date-A-Base. If you missed season one, all episodes are available on YouTube and our website.

Episode 1: AM Explorer

This contestant is an explorer of primary resources with a wide range of interests. It is organized with plenty of tools to help analyze your resources. If you are looking for a friendly and consistent database, AM Explorer might be your perfect match.

Episode 2: Library of Congress

This week’s well-known contestant is from Washington DC, The Library of Congress. This complex database is your gateway to the largest library in the world! Looking at digital collections alone, we find a mountain of primary resources. This database helps you navigate history with timeline and citations on a large variety of sources. Is The Library of Congress your perfect match?

Episode 3: PressReader

This season’s final contestant is an editor from British Columbia, PressReader. With full and instant access to 1,000s of newspapers and magazines from around the world, PressReader has a lot to offer. Get local and international publications in many languages instantly on your device. PressReader will even read to you! Is PressReader your perfect match?