New York Times Subscription

Macalester College has an institutional subscription to the New York Times, courtesy of MCSG. This means that you have access to the contents of the New York Times without purchasing a separate subscription.

To activate your access:

    1. While connected to the Macalester network, visit and select “Macalester College”
    2. Create a new account using your email address, or link your existing free account by logging in
    3. After registration you can now visit or use the NYT app from any location

Reactivating: After a year’s time, you may need to reactivate your NYT “pass” while using a device on the Macalester network. See more help information about the Academic Pass subscription model.

Note for existing NYT subscribers

If you currently have an active paid account with the New York Times paired with your email address, you can not register for an institutional subscription to the New York Times with out first canceling your existing subscription. If you have more questions about existing paid account contact the NYT Customer Care line at 1-800-NYTIMES or send an email to