Living on Campus

Living on campus is an important part of a Macalester student's education. Residential Life focuses on the whole student experience as well as fostering learning beyond the classroom setting. Students are provided numerous opportunities to learn about themselves as well as meet, interact, and develop relationships with others on the floor, building community with those who are different from themselves. Our goal is to give students a greater understanding of their responsibility to the local, national, and global communities as citizens of the world.

appleCafe Mac

Cafe Mac offers a wide selection of food from the four corners of the globe--north, east, south, west.

Bon Apetit, Macalester’s provider, strives to create fresh food daily in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Quick Facts

  • 10 residence halls
  • 5 Special residences: (French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish),
  • 5 theme residences (EcoHouse, Chinese Suite, Cultural House, Hebrew House, Veggie Co-op)