Please join Macalester alumni and community members as we share our Macalester moments and learn more about the campaign.

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Big Questions Event Series

We are excited to launch our Big Questions event series as part of The Macalester Moment campaign. These intellectually stimulating events will connect you with faculty and President Rosenberg, while digging into the world-changing issues that Macalester is addressing in and out of the classroom. You are invited to join other alumni and parents at the event or watch a recording of the discussion.

Location Date Big Questions Discussion Topic Speaker
2019-2020 Big Questions Events
Portland, Ore. September 26, 2019 Do the humanities matter? Professor of English and Director of Digital Liberal Arts Andrea Kaston Tange
Washington, D.C. October 24, 2019 Is democracy worth saving? Professor of Political Science Adrienne Christiansen in conversation with Minh Ta ’97, Vice President, Global Government Affairs at The Carlyle Group
New York City November 6, 2019 Should the Supreme Court be the most important issue in any presidential election? Jeffrey Toobin P '13, chief legal analyst for CNN and staff writer for The New Yorker
Philadelphia November 7, 2019 Does activism belong in athletics? Director of Athletics Donnie Brooks, in conversation with NFL Chief Disciplinary Officer B. Todd Jones '79
Ann Arbor, MI November 18, 2019 Why isn't inclusion enough? Dean of Multicultural Life Marjorie Trueblood and Dean of the Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship Donna Maeda, in conversation with Patricia King '72, Professor at the Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education at the University of Michigan
San Francisco January 9, 2020 Can social media be used for good? Professor Andrew Beveridge, mathematics, statistics, and computer science and Kofi Amoo-Gottfried '01, VP of Marketing at Doordash
Los Angeles January 11, 2020 Can embracing the arts reconnect our common humanity? Patricia Brown, NTT Instructor of Dance, African-based Movement Ensemble, Theater and Dance Department; and Professor Michael McGaghie, Director of Choral Activities, Music Department
Denver February 6, 2020 Will the rivers run dry? Professor Roopali Phadke, Chair of Environmental Studies in conversation with Katie Clifford ’09, postdoctoral fellow, USGS
Twin Cities February 19, 2020 Can poverty and inequality ever be eradicated? Gloria Perez '88, president and CEO of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota, in conversation with Provost and Dean of the Faculty Karine Moe
London *Event Canceled* March 19, 2020 What's the status of the American Way? This event has been canceled.
2018-2019 Big Questions Events
Boston April 4, 2019 Have algorithms made the world better or worse? Associate Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Shilad Sen
London March 21, 2019 What are the trickle-down effects of economic nationalism? Provost and Professor of Economics Karine Moe & Assistant Professor of Economics Felix Friedt
Washington, D.C. March 7, 2019 How do race and class intersect with the #MeToo movement? Professor of American Studies Duchess Harris
St. Paul Feb. 6, 2019 How do we create a stage that helps audiences imagine a world guided by social equity? Chair and Professor of Theater and Dance Cláudia Tatinge Nascimento & Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Bellamy
Seattle Jan. 31, 2019 How will we sustainably feed nine billion people in 2050?
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Professor of Geography Bill Moseley
San Francisco Jan. 17, 2019 What does the rise of entrepreneurship and career development on campuses say about the future of liberal arts?
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Entrepreneur in Residence Kate Ryan Reiling ’00 & Dean of the Career Development Center Mindy Deardurff
Silicon Valley Jan. 16, 2019 What does the rise of entrepreneurship and career development on campuses say about the future of liberal arts?
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Entrepreneur in Residence Kate Ryan Reiling ’00 & Dean of the Career Development Center Mindy Deardurff
New York Nov. 28, 2018 Is it possible to write a story without being political?
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Writer in Residence and Associate Professor of English Marlon James
Chicago Nov. 7, 2018 Does who we elect really matter?
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Professor of Political Science Julie Dolan

What Is the Big Questions Event Series?

In March 2018, we launched the Big Questions videos, a series of interviews with Macalester students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The goal was to “allow a more intimate and unfiltered glimpse of what members of [the Macalester community] think about their work, about important issues, and about their place in the world.” Now, we are taking the Big Questions concept on the road as part of the Macalester Moment campaign, inviting you to see live, in-person interviews with a faculty member or alum.

Watch the Big Questions videos.


Earlier Events

Composite image of four individual speakers.

Oct. 4, 2018 Launch Event

Thank you for joining us to launch a campaign for access and excellence! In this moment in history, as we tackle bigger, global challenges, the world needs Macalester. This campaign fuels the most high-impact aspects of Macalester’s focus — access and excellence. It allows us to deliver on these twin promises to ensure that in a world of unknowns, Macalester and its graduates are ready to help lead the way.

Composite image of four individual speakers.

Oct. 4, 2018 Mac in Your City

Remember all those conversations you had at Mac, and each new idea and passion you discovered? The annual Mac in Your City event provided an opportunity for alumni to gather and engage in their community, discuss their passions, and celebrate their Macalester pride.