When Macalester alumni talk about a transformational moment, most point to an inspirational professor in a lab, a classroom, or on a stage who shaped, or changed, the course of their lives. The cornerstone of life at Mac is that transformation—what happens for students in the classroom, on the field, and on study away programs, under the guidance of the college’s strong and notable faculty.

With a 10:1 student/faculty ratio, Macalester’s small class size gives students easy access to meet and work with their professors as they consider their academic and professional passions. Fifty-seven percent of the Class of 2017 conducted a project with faculty or off-campus professionals, and when participation in student/faculty research and internships are included, that number rises to 79 percent.

Macalester supports faculty as they develop new approaches to their teaching and work with colleagues in other departments. Over the past four academic years, Macalester has introduced an average of 30 new courses annually.

To maintain this focus on vibrant academic excellence, additional resources will be required. The campaign will help us build our endowment to support new endowed professorships, help attract and retain diverse and distinguished scholars, and expand course offerings. It will increase faculty development funds to expand opportunities for student/faculty research, scholarship, and leadership in scholarly work and curriculum development.

Bill Moseley

Geography Professor Bill Moseley

Leads Macalester’s Food, Agriculture, and Society concentration

“Being able to provide my students with this kind of hands-on exploration is one of the aspects of Macalester that make it so special. I'm worried about what will happen if those sources disappear.”





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