Through the Macalester Fund, everyone can impact the future of the college and participate in The Macalester Moment campaign.

Annual gifts to the Macalester Fund support all aspects of the college, including rigorous academics, exceptional faculty, a long-standing commitment to equity and access through financial aid and scholarships, and a globally conscious education.

As part of the campaign, our goal is to push annual giving to the Macalester Fund to more than $5 million annually. We’re doing this, in part, by allowing donors to direct their gifts to one of these four areas:

  • Support It All
  • Financial Aid
  • Faculty and Academic Support
  • Program Support

We invite everyone in the Macalester community to make their best gift this year, rallying in support of the Macalester Fund.

Hitting this new giving target is a challenge that, with the support of all in our alumni community, we can meet. Every donor, and every dollar, makes a difference.

Support It All

Supports everything you love about Macalester and allows the college to continue to strive toward living its values and educating tomorrow’s leaders.

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Financial Aid

Supports Macalester’s extraordinary commitment to financial aid, which provides students of all economic backgrounds with access to a Macalester education.

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Faculty and Academic Support

Supports student/faculty research, curricular development, and the flexibility to pilot new projects and academic initiatives.

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Program Support

Supports outside-the-classroom opportunities from arts performances and athletic endeavors to career development workshops and maker lessons in the Idea Lab.

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