Zero Waste Committee




Purpose of the Committee:


Simply stated: Zero Waste!


To work towards achieving this goal, the Zero Waste committee will be an advisory group to provide leadership for the Macalester College Recycling Organization (MacRO) program.  In addition, the Zero Waste Committee will advise the Facilities Management department, and MacRO, on strategies for successful campus recycling efforts.




MacRO has been active part of Macalester College recycling efforts since the 1970s. Initially, MacRO was established by students and functioned with their energy and enthusiasm. In the 1980’s, MacRO became a part of the Facilities Management Custodial operations and the recycling activities were developed into student employment positions.


In late 2005 and early 2006, the Facilities Management department, with a grant from the State of Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, evaluated its trash and recycling efforts and contracts. It was determined the College had opportunities for increasing recycling and reducing trash by considering a “resource management” program in which both the trash and recycling activities would be “re-bid” to local vendors.


In April 2006, after reviewing three detailed bids, Macalester College awarded the Resource Management contract to a joint team of Veolia Environmental Services and Eureka Recycling. Over the summer and fall of 2006, Veolia provided detailed information on trash container weights and Eureka staff worked with the College on evaluating the current recycling efforts. Eureka staff looked at current processes, collection stations, recycling equipment and completed two trash sorts of 4 campus waste container locations.


Beginning in the spring semester and continuing throughout 2007, it is the goal of the Resource Management project to renew the Macalester College campus recycling efforts with the assistance of a Zero Waste committee. The committee will advise on many activities such as a new MacRO logo and “marketing” campaign and additional recycling activities for diverting existing waste to recycling.






Committee Representation:



Facilities Management:


                  Director – Mark Dickinson

                  Custodial Services Manager – Michelle Kalstabakken

                  Shift Supervisor/MacRO Supervisor – Jim Davidson




                  MacRO student coordinator – Sofiya Carter-Thompson

MacRO student supervisor – Austin Werth

                  Justin Lee

                  Mark Stonehill




                  Campus Center representative – Cindy Darrow

                  Food Service representative (Bon Appetit) – Lori Hartzell

                  Staff representative - Advancement Office - Danielle Nelson

                  Residential Life representative – Peg Olson




                  Biology Department - Gerald Dosch




                  Eureka Recycling representatives – Miriam Holsinger