The MacPass is your Macalester ID card.

Use your card for:

  • Building access
  • Meal plans
  • Mac Money purchases
  • Library resource check-out

Submission Process:

1. Take Your MacPass Photo

Please make sure your photo meets the following requirements:

  • A Passport style photo: vertical AND in color
  • An original digital copy. No scanned, photocopied, or pictures of images.
  • Of good quality— not pixelated or blurry.
  • Taken with plain, light-colored background.
  • Full-face view directly at the camera, and head centered in the photo.
  • Natural facial expression (neutral or smiling)
  • Head, neck, and some part of upper garment visible.
  • Prescription glasses are allowed

2. Submit Your Photo Online

GET Mobile App

Open GET Mobile on your smartphone, and log in using your Macalester username and password. Touch the circle in the upper right corner above your name, then touch the camera icon at the bottom right. Now touch the camera on the right side to either take a new photo or select one from your photos.

GET Website

Navigate to the GET Website and select Macalester College for your institution. Select the first link to log in and do so with your Macalester username and password. On the right side, under Quick Links select “Upload ID Photo”. Choose a file from your computer and submit!

3. Wait for Approval

Photos are typically evaluated within 2 business days. If the photo meets all requirements, you will receive a notice of approval. If not, you can try again!


Common reasons photos are rejected: