Your all-access pass to all things Mac.

Your MacPass is the official form of identification for students, faculty and staff, and an essential part of your life here on campus. If you are a member of the Macalester community, you must carry it with you at all times.

UsingYour MacPass

On-Campus Dining

Your MacPass is used to access your meal plan at on-campus dining locations. You are required to bring your MacPass or virtual ID via GET Mobile whenever you want to use your meal plan.

On-Campus Locations
  • Atrium Market
  • Café Mac
  • Coffee Cart at Fine Arts Common
  • Document Services
  • The Grille
  • Nessie’s in The Loch
  • Scotty’s
  • Highlander – The Shop at Macalester
  • Information Desk
  • Library and Digital Resource Center
  • Vending Machines

All meal plan changes must be processed through Residential Life. For details, see Residence Hall and Commuter Dining Programs. Please direct all questions to Residential Life. Email Residential Life at 

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Mac Money

Funds that you put on your MacPass to use at Macalester are called Mac Money. Mac Money can be used at locations on-campus for things like food, textbooks, and more! For complete information on Mac Money, see the Mac Money page

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Access to Campus Spaces

Use your MacPass to gain access to buildings on campus.

All card door access requests are handled through Facilities Services. For more information, visit the Card Access page. To report a problem or get assistance with card access, email Card Access Assistance at

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Library Card

The barcode on your MacPass allows you to check out books and materials from the DeWitt Wallace Library.

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Replacing Your MacPass

Lost MacPass

The replacement fee for a lost MacPass is $5.00.

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Normal Wear-&-Tear

Replacing a worn-out card due to normal wear and tear is free.

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Pay for a Replacement MacPass

Students may use Mac Money to pay for their replacement MacPass. No other payment can be accepted.

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Securing Your MacPass

Tips to prevent unauthorized use:

  • Do not give your MacPass to anyone.
  • Do not leave your MacPass as collateral.
  • Do not give your MacPass to your friend to use your Mac Money or Dining Plan.
  • Do not give your MacPass to your friend to access a building or lab.
  • Report a lost MacPass on GET Funds immediately! The card will be deactivated, and it can be reactivated when found.

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